Consulting Chemical Engineers


WRK Design & Services Ltd. is an independent chemical engineering consultancy established in 2002 that has expertise in contract research & development, pilot plant studies and technology transfer.

Our technical staff are post-graduate chemical engineers with operations and consulting experience and are committed to providing advice and support that can be relied upon to be practical and cost effective.

To see how best we can help you, please contact us.

Our services include:

  • Contract Research and Development
  • Laboratory and Pilot Plant Studies
  • Technology Transfer Skills
  • Design and Scale-Up
  • Conceptual Process Design
  • Basic Engineering

We specialise in selective Gas Absorption using our proprietary technology – the DGC reactor – for:

  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration from Air
  • Biogas upgrading by removal of Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide and Siloxanes
  • Selective absorption of gases from gas mixtures, as required

See our whitepapers for more information.

We offer the following facilities

  • Pilot Plants
    • Dedicated pilot plant systems for chemical reactions
    • Purpose built pilot plants for effluent treatment
    • In house technology systems
  • Engineering
    • Design and Fabrication of pilot plant experimental systems
    • Mechanical Fabrication and Testing
    • Electrical and Instrumentation services
  • Process Control
    • Design and Fabrication of gas control & measurement systems
    • Process control and Instrumentation services

... and we aim to

  • Work with a very client-focused approach
  • Provide the most practical cost-effective solution
  • Be involved in all stages from initial concept to final commissioning
  • Be flexible in approach to meet the clients needs and requirements