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Process designs and technical studies are a fundamental part of WRK Design's work. Providing cost effective, practical solutions to process problems is a key skill that we have.

Examples of our work include

  • Selective Capture of CO2 from Air
  • Biogas Upgrading by removal of CO2 and H2S
  • CO2 from Submarines - absorption into Seawater
  • CO2 absorption into Digestate Food Waste
  • Oxygen transfer for thiobacillus ferrooxidans in river sludge for gold extraction
  • Growth of Algae using Carbon dioxide for Algal oil and Biodiesel production
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation of Vegetable oils, Itaconic acid,
  • Crotonaldehyde, Cinnamaldehyde, Glucose, Benzaldehyde etc.
    in slurry or packed bed form
  • Hydrogenation of ozonised Rapeseed oil
  • Catalytic Oxidation of p-cresol
  • Biodiesel production using Edible, Non-edible and Waste oils
  • Treatment of industrial effluent wastes (phenols, chlorophenols, methanol, propylene glycol, CHD) with reduction in COD levels
  • Reduction of COD levels of waste effluents - Milk; Whey; Orange; Beverage; Landfill Leachates
  • Photocatalytic degradation of Chlorine and Chloroamines in swimming pool water
  • Treatment and breakdown of Endocrine Disruptors in Sewage water
  • Treatment & Bio-Reduction of COD levels of Whey Waste Effluent
  • Biochemical Enhancement of Ammonium Fertiliser Production from
  • Farm Slurry - Stripping of Ammonia, Absorption and Conversion to liquid fertiliser


  • Design and Supply of Micro Hydrogenation Reactor, Supercritical
    High Pressure Reactor and Separator and Gas Control Unit
  • Detailed Design of Wet Air Oxidation Pilot Plant for Sludge
    Destruction & Resource Recovery
  • CFD (Simulation) modelling of the heating/cooling jacket of
    a Pressure Vessel
  • Detailed Design of a DGC Ammonia Absorption unit for
    Ammonia recovery from waste slurry



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