The Downflow Gas Contactor Reactor – DGC

The Downflow Gas Contactor Reactor (DGC) is one of the most efficient gas liquid contacting devices available for the process industries. It has evolved from a novel concept of contacting a continuous liquid phase with a dispersed gas phase through a specially designed entry section.

Under operating conditions large quantities of reaction gas and slurry liquid are introduced via a proprietary reactor inlet to create a well dispersed gas/liquid dispersion of high gas hold-ups and very high gas/liquid mass transfer area (1000 m2/m3 to 6000 m2/m3 depending on bubble sizes). The high gas/liquid ratio throughout the dispersion in the column results in excellent gas-liquid contacting and enables the maximum possible gas-liquid mixing and mass transfer.

The gas/liquid dispersion is maintained at a desired level within the reactor preventing gas bubbles flowing through the outlet of the reactor and thus ensuring 100% gas utilisation.


UK PATENT No: 2504505; “APPARATUS & METHOD FOR SEQUESTERING A GAS” Patent Agents – Marks & Clerk LLP – for CO2 Entrapment from Air and Biogas Enhancement using a ‘DGC’ Reactor (June 2020)

Many industries require gas/liquid contacting in a wide range of processes and the DGC can be beneficial to all of them.

For all applications of the DGC, WRK will provide the following services:

  • Process development
  • Basic process design
  • Detailed engineering and supply of key-equipment
  • Modular plant construction
  • Commissioning and start-up services

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DGC Schematic

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