WRK Design & Services Ltd was established as an independent Chemical Engineering Consultancy in 2002 by its directors Professor Mike Winterbottom and Dr Sugat Raymahasay, whilst working together at The University of Birmingham.

WRK Design & Services evolved as a Chemical Engineering Consultancy to provide an efficient commercially orientated service to clients that would deliver simple and cost effective solutions to complex chemical engineering problems within the process industries.

About the Directors:

Professor JM Winterbottom

PhD, BSc, C.Eng, FIChemE

Mike Winterbottom was Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering at Birmingham University and is currently Emeritus Professor at Birmingham University. He has many years of experience in academia and industry and his wealth of knowledge and experience has been gained in the fields of catalysis and reaction engineering. His main interests have been in hydrogenation and oxidation processes, in particular edible oil & fine chemicals hydrogenation and oxidation for pollution control.

His experience varies from the design and development of supported metal and structured catalysts, to the development and operation of three phase catalytic reactors (bubble column and fixed bed reactors). He has a number of published papers in the fields of mass transfer, reaction engineering and environmental engineering and is co-author of the book “Reactor Design for Chemical Engineers”.

Dr S Raymahasay

PhD, MSc, MIIChemE

Sugat Raymahasay is an accomplished chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience within Chemical Engineering working as a Senior Project Engineer in Organon (India) in Pharmaceutical, Biochemical and Phytochemical projects. Thereafter, he undertook Post Doctoral Research at the University of Birmingham with industrial collaboration and has contributed significantly to a number of successful hydrogenation and oxidation projects from initial concept to full project implementation.

He has been involved in the specific development of the Downflow Gas Contactor and its application in Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer, Carbon Capture, Reaction engineering and Effluent treatment. He has co-authored various published papers in these fields and has also supervised design projects and lectured on Pressure Vessel Design in the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham.

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